• Adam and Eve:
    Driven Out of Eden
  • Smile: An Elegy
  • A Red Seduction
  • Lucifer
  • After The Deluge

Adam and Eve Driven Out of Eden

Don't be afraid, my kitten sweet
That golden hair, that dimpled cheek:
Those waves will cover us in sleep
And warmth we'll find each other's reach.

For here a body shaped in clay
To sleep and dream until the day
Of whispers passed in leafy boughs
Of Heaven and of Helluvel.

And there the lion peering through
That led our feet when Serpent flew
And sealed the gate when Freedom
Knew no more of peace but solitude.

For there the leaf and there the dew
And through the blessed woods anew
As over cliffs and streams to slew
Our heads are bowed, our legs will too.

And there bright servant of the leaf,
You'll guard till Time forgets your wreath:
I will not cast off flesh nor bone as my
Green crown was lost upon the dawn.

'Bright Cherubim, what deeds have passed
That lights me in another's masque?
For I will walk as wings of rhyme
Beat out the hawk and death of Time

And I'll deny with every breath
The god that marks me out for death.
The god that treads upon my bones
That desecrates the life it has sown'.

by Stuart Dewhurst

© 2018 Stuart William Dewhurst


Smile: An Elegy

Sweet child asleep she rested overlong
Warm and golden under the Sun
And now the rose its bed has won
And robbed the skylark of its song.

The wind it whispers through the copse
'Where is the girl that was our hope?
The promise of love is in the flower.
The gift of life is in its tower'.

And who am I who is so cold
So sexless but with fear of joy?
With no expression but a boy
Who waits for sunset and the bold?

Let every bough its tribute stand
As over beds of wetted grass
The Oak its deep wet bark demands:
'She did not die. She may not pass.'

Forgive me I was lost and numb
I could not take what was not gone.
My words as if my lips were dumb
I could not kiss, nor make you cum.

I could not flow as rivers run
I could not bare myself before the Sun
I could not sleep with trees and stone
I could not shade the light that shone.

The twilight and the dawn must part
And golden hair as fine as lace
Will have the morning break its heart
The dew a tear upon her face.

A soft green bed, a golden head,
The wind it cries 'The Moon is dead.
The girl is lost and with her goes
The gentle sleep of winter snows'.

Goodbye my Love, to sleep and dreams
The Sun will take its fiery rage
When all that's left of passion seems
A love that will not tire nor age.

by Stuart Dewhurst

© 2018 Stuart William Dewhurst


A Red Seduction

Come with me my gentle lover
For the Sun is my father
And the Moon my mother

Sleep with me now Winter's cloak
Has slipped so idly down
And wait for me in a tender place
Where snow falls lightly down

Where spirits of the blackened air
Release themselves in gowns
And 'Secrets', sighs a heavy Moon,
There am I flowing down

To you my Love, by twisted boughs,
As rivulets unwind the howes
As rock and stone are tumbled down
A place to rest and then to rouse.

Every Moon that downwards
Glances down upon my empty trances
Whispers like the voice of chances
'Wake your dreams with love or sans ris'.

by Stuart Dewhurst

© 2018 Stuart William Dewhurst



Lucifer, beautious Lucifer
Where in Heaven do you rest?
Under clouds and shadows
Where the birds or beasts will rest?
Or over hills and rocky heights
Where men and women lie
Asleep upon a golden bed
Of asphodel and rye.

Oh Spirit, O sweet Prince
When I called for you I flew
My hair alike a swallow's wings
My arms alike a yew.
You called to me when poplars blew
And bowers were like a church
A golden arch overhead
A russet sea beneath the birch.

One kiss and I will leave you
My sweet father, I have all,
No secret left to task my bones
No windy hall to own.
And ever under baleful skies
A gird of rock and earth
Will raise me up to heavens
Though it hold you to the Earth.

by Stuart Dewhurst

© 2018 Stuart William Dewhurst


After The Deluge

Oh whistling breeze,
Through cracked carcass trees
And the other dead things
That it rapes and it shaves

Like our hands and our faces
And our bones without pain
It chases and chases
And kisses the rain.

We have none but each other.
The Hooguns, the Living.
The rattle of catches
And bangles and britches.

With britches to warm us
With ditches for cover
With soul and with feeling
With hope and a lover

We'll run from this place
As the Sun starts to die.
To run and to gambol
As free as the sky.

by Stuart Dewhurst

© 2018 Stuart William Dewhurst